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IMG_0382This collaboration builds from a workshop held in Chapel Hill, NC, in May 2015, which brought together researchers, educators, and advocates who work with caregiving youth and their families. Thanks to an interdisciplinary seed grant from the UNC Odum Institute, Elizabeth (Betsy) Olson (UNC-Geography) and Crystal Wiley-Cene (UNC-Internal Medicine)  invited participants from the fields of nursing, social work, education, and medicine to build networks and identify research priorities and opportunities.

This site has been designed in order to facilitate the work of CYRC partners and to act as a digital interface for existing and emerging research on youth caregiving. The site will be populated throughout the summer, and we encourage you to get in touch if you are interested in CYRC and the activities of its partners. With questions or interests, please contact Betsy at eaolson@email.unc.edu

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